Thursday, 16 February 2017

Becoming Me Again

I was always someone who loved spending time on me. Getting ready for the party was always better than the actual party. But since getting my current job, I've slowly become less and less concerned with my appearance. Sad times, I know.

I always used to love spending time on my hair and make up and now I just have no drive. There are certain things that have lead to this, but I didn't realise until someone at work actually said to me "You just don't seem to try any more, put a bit of effort in."

What do you say to that?! At the time I laughed it off, but really it upset me, but not for the reason you'll think. Yes it was massively inappropriate for a male client to say to a female staff member and generally shouldn't be said to anyone, ever. But he was right! That's what got to me the most. I just didn't care anymore! There's nothing more that I can say about that other than the shifts I was working were slowly destroying my soul. I was becoming a stripped back version of me and that is not OK.

Recently I've been watching a lot of Youtubers and the drive to be the old me is slowly coming back. That is what actually drove me to start this blog, a place where I could be me completely. I mean don't get me wrong, I still struggle to get out of bed, but I'm slowly making a comeback! This is going to be my year and it starts here and now!

Peace out! xxx

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