Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Start of my Half Marathon Training!

This year I will be running the Great Manchester Half Marathon on the 28th May! Drastic I know.

It all started when I decided that I was going to lose weight as one of my many New Years Resolutions (I never learn). 

The plan was to do a 5k in March, a 10k in May, working up to a Half Marathon in October. However, when I shared this plan with some friends at work thinking that I could rope them into doing it with me (exercise is always more fun in a group!), they had other ideas. They all wanted to do it with me, but they had decided that October was ages away and they wanted to do it in May. On the 28th in fact. And we all HAD to sign up on pay day! Together, so that no one backed out.

So now I'm running the Great Manchester Half Marathon on behalf of Alzheimer's Research UK. If I'm going to run that far, I may as well make it worth while! 

The reason I chose TeamARUK was simple. My Grandma has Alzheimer's disease. It is possibly one of the worst things to happen to anyone and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It has been horrendous to witness my Grandma slowly disappearing over the years. The sadness I feel when she asks me why I keep calling her Grandma is something I can't describe. The first time she said it, we were sat at the dinner table and it just floored me. How do you respond to your own Grandma not knowing who you are? But the worst was when I visited her on Christmas Eve. Usually when you think of Dementia, you think of older people not knowing where they are and just wanting to go home (despite the fact that they could be sat at home) and them losing things like keys all the time and just generally not being "with it". However, this time she was completely lucid. This was worst of all. She knew she couldn't remember who I was and she knew that she couldn't feed herself. She couldn't remember how to drink her Orange Juice from the cup and was deeply frustrated when I tried to help. Because she knows that there's nothing I can do and at the time I thought so too.

This is why this Half Marathon is so important to me. I can do this and I will raise money for research into Alzheimer's Disease, because without supporting the great minds that have the potential to cure this dreadful disease we are just letting it happen.

There are currently 850,000 people in the UK living with Dementia and that is expected to rise to over 1.5 million by 2040. That is why we need to get a better understanding of it now, so that one day we may be able to cure it.

Please follow the link if you wish to donate, any amount is appreciated. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ElHeap


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