Sunday, 5 March 2017

Books: Maigret And The Idle Burglar

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Genre - Murder Mystery

This book isn't one I would have chosen for myself. However, on a walk in the Lake Districk, we stopped at a bench for some sandwiches and there was a plastic bag containing this book. Initially I was confused. I'd never heard of "Book Crossing" before and someone had written it all over this book. They had also written "Travelling Book!" and "Read and Release!" on the edges of the pages, so naturally I picked it up as I was intrigued.

 When we had got back to our Lodge, I did some Googling (as you do) and the idea is that when you find a book, you take it home and log it in on Read it and Realease it! And log where you left it on the website. Each book has a unique code that allows you to track where your book has been and see what people thought. My book is still in's early stages of it's travels, but it's still very exciting! (Yes you may think I'm sad, but so what!) 

This is a brilliant book. As someone who doesn't usually read Murder Mysterys I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is only 133 pages long, so it makes a great short story for those "not sure what to read" moments.

On the right is the blurb.

I would definitely read other books by Georges Simenon. I think there is a whole Maigret series. It's a light, easy read.

Let me know if you have read this book and what you thought.  

The next book I'll be reading is "On The Other Side" by Carrie Hope Fletcher.

Peace out! xxx

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