Saturday, 18 March 2017

Films: Beauty And The Beast

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Today I went to see Beauty and the Beast. This is my favourite Disney, so the fact they've made a live action version of this was very exciting to me. But I've been very careful to avoid all news and Trailers about it, except on 2 occasions. The first was the Teaser, where you get a quick glimpse of Belle, Lumière and Cogsworth, with the classic music in the background. This already had me in tears, but also I wasn't very sure about the cast. The second was a Youtube video of Carrie Hope Fletcher interviewing Alan Menken (he's one of the musical legends that helped bring the original about and therefore I knew we were in good hands with the remake). 

So I avoided it as best I could, despite friends trying to tell me that there are leeks of Emma Watson's singing and it doesn't sound good. Too much Autotune. I refused to listen. I was desperately trying not to build it up in my head, only for me to see it and it not to live up to the high standards I'd already set. 

While I failed miserably at that (I watched the original last night), they did not disappoint! The cast were absolutely fantastic! Emma Watson is the perfect Belle! Dan Stevens has the most amazing voice! Josh Gad as LeFou is brilliant and really brings the part to life next to Luke Evans. The pair work so well together it's difficult to think of them as anything else. There isn't a single cast member that felt out of place. Ewen McGregor is Lumiere, he has been stuck in a castle for a few years and that's where we found him. The "Be Our Guest" scene was breathtaking. 

I was hoping that this film would be at least as good as the original, but I think it's now a new favourite in it's own right. There were a few jokes slotted in there, as has become Disney's custom, but they were done so well. I just want to go and watch it again. 

The fact that the cast look so much like their animated counterparts, as well as being perfect for the role, just tells me that there's magic in the real world too! The moment Emma Watson runs up the hill singing, I was immediately transported back to being my 6 year old self.

And the best part... the Prince finally doesn't disappoint. Those blue eyes!

If you've seen the film, let me know what you think! In the meantime, I'm off to listen to the soundtrack!


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