Friday, 10 March 2017

Half Marathon Training - Week 2... and Physio

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 Monday 6th March

So Monday sailed past like a dream, I really thought I was going to struggle getting up after 3 days of no gym, but it was actually OK! Did gym before work and went on the exercise bike after work for 30 minutes. The only problem was that my knee began to ache. I don't know if this was due to me not doing any exercise for the last 3 days.

Tuesday 7th
This morning I very nearly missed the gym. My alarm went off at 5.45am and I was fine, but I just closed my eyes... luckily I woke up again at 6.10am! Woopsies! Then I had to rush to the gym and do a quick work out. 

 My knee was still aching throughout today though, so I tried to get a doctors appointment, however there was no answer and I was ringing every 10 minutes or so for the best part of 3 hours!
 Anyway, a colleague recommended a Physiotherapist close to work so a rang and got a same day appointment. I turns out I probably have ITB syndrome. This means that my ITB is too tight and is causing friction around my knee. I don't want to go into too much detail as I'm not an expert, but she gave me some stretches to do, told me to use my gyms foam roller and to apply heat. She also used Ultrasound on my knee. So hopefully all these things should help ease it and I should be able to run again soon! She also told me to go on the treadmill and to gradually build myself up to a fast walk.

This evening was nearly disastrous, purely because I put all my gym stuff in the wash at the same time without thinking! But I said no excuses this week, so I nabbed some of Tim's shorts and hopped on the bike. Exercise done!

I don't think tomorrows weigh in results are going to be very good. I think I ruined my good efforts by not doing anything this weekend. But we'll see tomorrow morning!

Wednesday 8th

I've not lost much, but then I'm rubbish! My gym kit was still wet this morning from being washed, so I got back into bed and subsequently overslept! Serves me right!

I'm now in bed, with a hot water bottle on my knee about to read my book and no, I didn't go on my exercise bike after work. 

Thursday 9th March

So far, so fail. Missed my alarm this morning!
Didn't go on the exercise bike after work. I have no excuse, other than I couldn't be bothered.

Friday 10th 

Decided to go to an exercise class this morning. Pure Fat Burn, that sounds about right. Pure Non-stop Torture more like! I was dying! But it was only 20 minutes, so it was over quickly! I feel like I've had a good workout though in a very short space of time. I'm going again on Monday, but it'll be a different trainer then (it'll be my PT, so it could be worse)!

Tonight I'll be heading to my parents, so there won't be any exercise then.

Overall, I've been pretty naughty this week, but I think I've been a lot better with food. Last week I was snacking a lot as I was hungry all the time. This week I've managed to not snack at all and wait until my meal times. Maybe next week, I'll manage to get the 2 right at the same time!

Peace out! xxx 

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