Friday, 17 March 2017

Half Marathon Training - Week 3... or not

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Monday 13th March

So I've done nothing today. Tim had to take the car for work as his van's had to go to the garage, so I had a lie in. It'll be the same again tomorrow. I was meant to go on my exercise bike after work, but instead I got into my pajamas and put a Lush Fresh Face mask on, which was delightful!

Tuesday 14th

...I will regret this.

Wednesday 15th

...I didn't go today either. I must go tomorrow! It's a miracle I haven't put weight back on. 

Thursday 16th

Today Tim arranged a PT Session. I was not impressed. All I wanted to do was to go home and curl up under my duvet and read. But I'm actually glad he did, because it got me back in the gym. Our PT did not go easy on us either, it was Deadlifts all the way!


So today is my day off and I'm not doing much. Definitely not exercise. This week has been very lazy, but I will be back at the gym properly next week! I always do this. I start off strong and die quickly. But not this time. I will not let it happen again!

Let me know if you're training for something and how it's going.

Peace out! xxx

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