Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Lush: Butterball Bathbomb

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 This is another brilliant product from Lush. I will definitely be buying the Butterball again! Especially at only £2.75 per bathbomb! It smells absolutely amazing! It will also be making it's way into my Mum's Birthday goodie bag, as I think she'll love it!

The Butterball Bathbomb is probably one of Lush's more tame products, as it doesn't have any crazy colours in it. The last Lush bathbomb I used made it look like I'd weed in the bath! As it dissolves in the water, it releases little pockets of cocoa butter which make your skin feel silky soft. But beware, these little blobs of bliss also turn your tub into a deathtrap! So I need to remember to rinse the bath, otherwise I'm probably going to be responsible for my husband breaking a leg when he goes for a shower!

This product smells like Milkyway Buttons and I can't wait to buy more! These are easily going to become a bath time staple!

Peace out! xxx

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