Friday, 28 April 2017

Training Update (1 month to go!)

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Time has flown so quickly! I'm only a month away from the Half Marathon!

I can't say that my training has gone well so far if I'm honest. I think I was a bit too ambitious trying to do 2 workouts a day. My body was fine, but my brain was not. Bloody work gets in the way of everything!

I've also been pretty rubbish at following my training plan. I find that as soon as I tell myself I have to run today, I don't want to and the second it's rest day, I really want to do some exercise. I baffle myself sometimes. But recently I've given up with the plan altogether and I'm just running when I want to. I have a loose plan of every other day, but in the words of Barbosa, they're more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules!

My knee is still a bit iffy, but as long as I stretch properly before and afterwards, it seems to be fine. I forgot to wear my knee support on Wednesday's run, but my knee didn't hurt at all. I feel like I'm finally getting my stride back.

I've also been using Audible when I run. Music was starting to annoy me as the beat is constantly changing and my iPod never holds it's charge for long enough anyway! No music is fine for the short runs, but for the longer runs I needed something. So audio books have been perfect!

This Saturday I'll be doing a 9 mile run hopefully! Pretty sure my knee will need some TLC after that!

I'll be running for Alzheimer's Research UK. It's an amazing charity dedicated to defeating dementia. It's horrific to watch someone close to you slowly forget themselves as well as you and it affects for too many, both young and old. If you'd like to donate please follow the link. Even the smallest donation can make a difference and thank you in advance!

Peace out! xxx

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