Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Noise Next Door - 2017 Tour Uproar

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What a brilliant night out! I had no idea who they were or what they did. At the start of the evening I thought it was just one man. It's safe to say, I was just tagging along for this one. At £12 I didn't really mind, Tim really wanted to go, as did our friends.

Noise Next Door are a comedy improv group of 4. Every show is different. They use prompts from the crowd to build their sketches and create their songs, which is a brilliant concept as it makes you feel more involved. It also makes it much more difficult for them as they never know what is going to be shouted out! 

They first started the act in Uni where they all met and have seemingly taken the comedy world by storm! Each of them bring something unique to the act. And does Charlie remind anyone else of Chandler Bing?

They are definitely a must see if they're going to be appearing near you anytime soon! (They're currently on tour at the moment!) They also do family friendly shows.

Peace out! xxx

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