Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Books - Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

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Genre:   Fiction
Author:  Louise Pentland
Format: Kindle

Publisher: Zaffre Publishing

For those of you who might not know, Louise Pentland is a Youtuber. She very easy to watch and very funny (even my husband enjoys her videos!). It's on on her channel that I first discovered she was writing a book and naturally it was immediately added to my TBR! 

Obviously there are certain stigmas that are attached to Youtubers writing books, but from the first chapter I knew that this wasn't the case with Wilde Like Me. I was hooked immediately. The main character "Robin Wilde" is very relatable, whether you're a single parent or not. A lot of us have been through dark periods and "The Emptiness" as Louise refers to it, is something we are probably all familiar with in varying degrees. 

What I love about this story is that it is filled with such strong female characters. Everyone has a deep back story and that really helps to shape the characters. One of the important points this book makes for me is that everyone needs a supports system. It's OK to lean on people sometimes. Yes you can pull yourself up to move onward and upward, but a little helping hand goes a long way. 

But sometimes Louise's character building is a little too good. I've not genuinely hated someone like that for a long time. I found myself putting the book down in anger to go and make myself a cup of tea a few times. I think I got a bit too involved! I won't say who it was, if you've read the book, then I'm sure you'll know. 

The progression of the story was excellent, Robin Wilde goes from strength to strength in such a gradual way I felt like a proud mother by the end!

But the one thing that I can't believe, is that this is a first novel. I fell in love with this book as quickly and as hard as I do with any Sophie Kinsella book. If Louise could carry on with Robin Wilde's story in a Shopaholic type series then I am in a bookworms heaven!  

Here's to the sequel! 

If you've read Wilde Like Me, I'd love to know what you thought, so please leave a comment below! The next book I'm going to be reading is All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher, why not join me?
Happy reading! xxx

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