Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July Wrap Up 2017

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July has been a busy month for me Life wise, but slow blog wise. I've done some amazing things this month, but I'm looking forward to a more chilled August!

Tim has been away for most of this month, so I've been a bit down, but hopefully he'll be back next week (for a while at least)!


  7th - 9th


The first weekend had me at Cornbury festival! The most middle class of all festivals and I love it! I showered and the toilets were regularly cleaned, it's all I could have asked for and more! We usually only go for a day, but this year was both wonderful and sad at the same time... it was the last one! So they said goodbye in style with an epic line up! Some of my highlights were:
  • The amazing Pierce Brothers, their energy and genuine pleasure at being on stage doing what they love is always obvious and very infectious! Let alone their sheer talent! At one point between the 2 of them, they were playing 4 instruments! (Guitar, Didgeridoo, Harmonica and a Bass Drum!) I had the pleasure of seeing them perform for what I think was the first time at Cornbury last year. They were on stage at 2pm and by the end they had drawn a huge crowd which is quite the achievement! So to see them again after just one year with an even bigger crowd already anticipating their set and knowing the lyrics and screaming out songs was an absolute pleasure to witness! They were also an amazing lead into my next highlight...
  • Scouting For Girls. I mean need I say more? These guys were just one massive party! I'm gutted that they weren't on for a longer set. We were meant to leave this stage early to go and get a good place to see Bryan Adams, but needless to say we couldn't leave. They were just too good!
  • Bryan Adams - aside for the carnage that was the Hunger Games style* run from the smaller stage to the Main Stage, this was epic. We stood at the back on a hill with a clear line of sight to the stage, whilst drinking tea and eating a curry. We were singing and dancing like no one was watching (we were quite far back so no one else was this energetic) with loads of room and enjoying the fact that everyone around us just probably thought we were drunk. Or at least I hope they did! There is no better way to spend a Saturday night.
  • After this my Auntie fell off a hammock**. I've never laughed so hard in my life!
Sunday was a fun day of food, shopping, more food and music. I'm a bit miffed that they had Bryan Adams on the Saturday and Jools Holland to finish the whole weekend on the Sunday. His set was the usual average, which I'm sure would have been fine had he had some decent guests, but the "special guests" he was advertised as having were 2 people that were already part of his band*** and someone he sings with ALL THE TIME. So much that we guessed who it would be before he even came on. So overall not impressed with Sunday at all. The only person worth watching was Imelda May (who I'd never heard of, but was an epic Rock Chick through and through!) 

A couple of other acts worth mentioning were Laura Oakes, who had brilliant stage presence and was very easy to listen to! Also she was sporting an excellent sparkly playsuit and an absolutely gorgeous pair of boots that given half the opportunity, I would steal from her, I'm not going to lie.
The other was Police Dog Hogan, who made me want to grab my instrument and join in! Again great stage presence and had the ability to go from fun silly songs, to powerful ballad and back again. Wonderful folk group. I actually bought one of their CDs and got it signed! They make me want to start my own folk group!



15th - 16th

The following weekend had me down South again! I was near Honiton for a Pedal Paddle expo and my goodness was it fun! Very hard work though! Pedal Paddles are clearly designed for leisurely travel, not the endurance run we were on! Great work out though! Highly recommend this if any of you enjoy a bit of water sports and want to try something different! Or even if you don't like water sports! I am not the sporty kind at all and other than my feet getting on and off the Pedal Paddle I didn't get wet all! 



22nd - 23rd

This weekend had me in Newark getting my hair done (Yes I travel for my hair dressers! Once you find a good one ladies, you never let go! I've been burned before!) It was also my Step-Dad's, Step-Dad's**** birthday on the Sunday, so we celebrated with a family BBQ, which was lovely as I rarely get to see that side of the family!

29th - 31st

And last but not least, it was Tim's birthday! Plus as an added bonus my brother-in-law and his wife (Will and Naomi) were up with their little girl, who live in Cardiff, so again we don't get to see them as often as we'd like!

Overall I've loved this month, but I'm looking forward to a bit of a slower month and spending less time in my car! I'd love to know if you've been up to anything unusual, or even usual, in the comments below!

TTFN! xxx

*I swear children were being knocked out of the way. It was insane! And a tad scary and I'm fully grown with no tiny people to look after! 
**She was fine, just a bruised shoulder.
***So... not guests.
****I'll let you work that one out!

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