Sunday, 20 August 2017

Kindle Vs Books

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Now I know that this is a very controversial topic, but I love my kindle. Don't get me wrong, nothing brings me more pleasure than reading from an actual book, both hardback and paperback. But kindles just enable the addiction. So if you'll allow me, I'd like to give you my reasoning...


Light weight and easy to carry around.

Every time I leave the house I throw my kindle into my handbag, even if I'm just nipping out to Tesco to do the weekly shop. So when it comes to holiday time, I can't describe how much time and effort it saves, let alone saving my baggage allowance!


This ties in with the light weight point. Carrying around Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a nightmare, it makes your bag extremely heavy and it ruins your book. You can fit all the stories in one small kindle shaped spot! 

Can have multiple books in one small place.

Again I'm thinking of that baggage allowance, but how amazing is it that I can have all 7 Harry Potters on one tiny light weight device?!


Well, not always, but Amazon often have free kindle books as part of their offers. And it often works out that kindle books are cheaper than the physical books.

No Waiting!

Its the best thing ever. You finish a book, buy a new one and it's ready to go on you device straight away! (As long as you have WiFi).

Reading at night.

The kindle is fitted with an easily adjustable back light that makes reading comfortable in any situation! I can't tell you how much I'd have loved this when I was at school. I used to read books at night using my 'home screen' phone light (they didn't have the "torch" tool back then), with my duvet pulled up over my head to hide the light so that my mum wouldn't come in and tell me off!

No one can see what you're reading.

I'm thinking of 50 Shades here. Now there should be no shame in whatever it is that you choose to read, but sometimes (again 50 Shades) you might not want everyone to know.


They smell amazing.

Especially the old ones. I love the smell of books, it’s pure bliss.

You can’t have a library with a kindle.

It is a dream of mine to one day have a Beauty and the Beast style library, which cannot be achieved with a kindle.


There is nothing more comforting than reading a good book in bed on a cold rainy day.

Can lend it to a friend. 

You can now do this with a kindle, but it’s a faff. (But if you lend a book on your kindle at least you know they aren’t going to crease the spine or dog-ear the pages!)

Everyone can see what you’re reading and it looks so pretty! 

Books are pretty, so why not show them off!


An Amazon voucher just isn’t the same as receiving a book.

Current Library Status
Dream Library Status
I'd love to know your thoughts on this. Are you a hard core books only person or are you a kindle lover like me? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading! xxx

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